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Eurogram's new NS-90 nanometer particle size analyzer and DS-1000 dynamic image analyzer appeared in IPB2018


From October 17 to October 19, 2018, the 16th China International Powder Processing/Bulk Transport Exhibition (IPB2018) was solemnly held in the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. Zhuhai Omeike Instrument Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Omeike), a well-known manufacturer of granulometer in China, officially released two new products, NS-90 nanometer granulometer and DS-1000 dynamic imager during the exhibition. Instrument Information Network has exclusively interviewed Wu Hanping, marketing director of Euro-American Creek, and Fu Xiaowei, chief researcher, to report on two heavy-duty new products. Left: Wu Hanping, Marketing Director of Euro-American Creek; Right: Fuxiaowei NS-90 Nanometer Particle Sizer NS-90, chief researcher of Euro-American Creek, is the first nanometer particle size analyzer released by Euro-American Creek in the history of Zhuhai, which introduced advanced particle characterization technology from its parent company Malvin Panaco and combined with the application characteristics and needs of Chinese user market. Rice granulometer. Fu Xiaowei told me that the positioning of NS-90 is similar to Topsizer laser particle size analyzer, the trump-brand product of Euro-American instruments. It is mainly in the domestic market of high-end nanometer particle size analyzer. Its public price is between 20-300,000, and its performance-price ratio is very high. The measuring range of the instrument is 0.3nm-5um. Particle and molecular sizes are measured by 90 degree dynamic light scattering technique. In addition, the molecular weight of protein and polymer can be measured by the static light scattering method. It can be widely applied in many fields such as chemical industry, ink, polymer emulsion, ceramic particles, quantum dots, biopharmaceutical and so on. An outstanding feature of NS-90 is that it is exclusively equipped with avalanche photodiode (APD) detector in many domestic brands. Fu Xiaowei said that APD has higher system sensitivity than the photomultiplier tube detector (PMT) equipped with many domestic nanometer particle sizers. In addition, the instrument uses He-Ne gas laser, with internal temperature control technology, closed optical path and advanced software algorithm, which ensures the repeatability, accuracy, applicability of the data, as well as the lower limit of 0.3 nanometer measurement, and intelligently judges the quality of the data. For the release of NS-90, Europeans and Americans have their own considerations. Nowadays, Wu Hanping tells me that in the past, the main user groups of nanometer particle size analyzer were universities and research institutes, while the customers of Euro-American gram were mainly in the industrial field. However, nowadays, with more and more industrial customer products gradually achieving nanometer level, the industrial market opportunities of nanometer particle size analyzer have emerged. On the other hand, Euro-American nanoparticle size detection technology has matured. NS-90 came into being under the joint promotion of market and technology. DS-1000 dynamic image analyzer DS-1000 dynamic image analyzer is a new dynamic on-line particle image analyzer developed by Europek and Malvin Panaco. It is also the first dynamic image granularity analyzer released by Europek. Fu Xiaowei told me that the research and development of the instrument has a strong application pertinence. At present, many customers pay more attention to the existence of a small number of large particles in the battery and other industry markets. However, it is difficult to detect the small number of large particles effectively by static laser particle size analyzer. The introduction of DS-1000 can effectively solve the pain point of this industry and make up for the shortcomings of the domestic market in related fields. The instrument has three prominent characteristics. One is that it can not only measure particle size, but also real-time measure particle shape data such as roundness and aspect ratio distribution. The second is the use of innovative "dispersion index" indicators to quantify the dispersion of samples, and provide automatic particle monitoring function. When large particles, agglomeration or impurity particles pass through the sample window, they will be automatically captured and recorded by the instrument. Thirdly, besides being an independent dynamic image analyzer, it can also be used as an image accessory to connect the laser particle size analyzer. Wu Hanping said that the instrument has great application potential in the field of on-line detection, and Euro-American gram will actively carry out more research on DS-1000 related industry applications. DS-1000 uses a patented lensless imaging technology. The observed particle size ranges from 1.4 to 1400um, which enables real-time photography. The instrument is compact in size and easy to install, which is of great benefit to saving the laboratory space of users. In addition, the software interface design of the instrument is intuitive and simple, and the image can be continuously displayed and analyzed between measurements, and the image and result can be saved manually or automatically according to the time. The instrument is designed with compatible water quality and various organic dispersants. It is easy to clean and has low maintenance cost. According to Wu Hanping, since joining Malvinpanaco, Europeans and Americans have been thinking about how to combine their decades of technological accumulation and brand influence to make Malvinpanaco's advanced technological means and product characteristics better landed in the Chinese market. The NS-90 and DS-1000 released on IPB2018 are the representatives of recent exploration by Europeans and Americans. Let's look forward to the excellent performance of the two new products in the Chinese market. Euramerican IPB2018 team photo.




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