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The first training course for pesticide analysts was successfully held in Zhuhai


From June 26 to 30, the first training course for pesticide analysts, jointly organized by China Pesticide Industry Association and Zhuhai Eurogram Instrument Co., Ltd., was successfully held in the beautiful coastal city of Zhuhai. Due to the continuous improvement of people's living standards and environmental awareness in China, the proportion of cleaner pesticide preparation products which are more environmentally friendly in the domestic pesticide product market has gradually increased, resulting in the increasing importance of particle size distribution of products in controlling the efficacy of pesticide preparation products. China Pesticide Industry Association (CCPIA) and Zhuhai Euramerican Instrument Co., Ltd.( For short: OMEC) aims to better guide domestic pesticide production enterprises in the detection level of particle size. CCPIA and OMEC jointly organized this laboratory technician training course in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, for pesticide enterprises of association members. This four-day training is divided into theoretical training, practical training and theoretical and practical examination. It covers the basic principles of laser particle size analyzer, measurement knowledge, operation specifications, report interpretation, method development, maintenance, fault handling, pesticide dosage form measurement methods, industry application, production guidance and results comparison. In addition, Professor Du Fengpei of China Agricultural University, who is senior in the field of pesticide preparations in China, was invited to give you a report on the application of particle size in the research and development of chemical pesticide preparations. Participants in the training have earnestly learned the relevant knowledge of laser particle size analyzer and the application of pesticide industry, and actively went on the computer to operate the instrument and use the software. They have put forward a lot of confusion in their daily work about theoretical knowledge and practical training. Professor Du and the lecturers of Euro-American Instrument have carefully answered the questions for the students on the spot. Everyone feels that they have benefited a lot. After all-round theoretical training, the lecturers also trained the participants in the practical measurement of water suspension of pesticides (SC), oil suspension (OD) and wettable powder (WP), which greatly improved the students'understanding of the application of laser particle sizer in the pesticide industry. The subsequent theoretical and practical examinations were naturally no longer difficult, and the participants basically completed smoothly. 。  Unity, nervousness, seriousness and liveliness, these eight words also basically summarize the purpose of the training course. In order for the students to learn better, as the host of Euramerican Instruments, while arranging a full course for you, of course, we will not forget to enrich the leisure life of the students who first came to Zhuhai, not only arrange the active atmosphere of lottery activities during the training interval. They also took the students to the Zhuhai Opera House, the city symbol of "Sun and Moon Shells", and tasted the seafood delicacies of Zhuhai Road. Besides the training, the trainees also visited Euro-American Instrument Zhuhai Headquarters in batches. They systematically understood the development process and production process of the company, and the working principle and industrial application of various types of granulometers. After four days of training, everyone started their respective journey with full harvest. After understanding, pesticide inspectors at the meeting expressed their gratitude to the association and related enterprises for arranging such training. Through this training, we also made a great improvement in the use level of laser particle sizer and hope that this kind of training can be continued in the future. Eurogram Instruments also thanks China Pesticide Industry Association for providing such an opportunity. While displaying the technical level and cultural background of our company, more inspectors in the agricultural and cultural industry can actually improve their level of instrument use. We hope to cooperate with the Association and serve more workers in the agricultural and cultural industry in the future.



















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