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PIP8.1 Particle Image Processor

Update time:2019-03-28

Usage: It is suitable for particle size measurement, morphology observation and analysis of abrasives, coatings, non-metallic ores, chemical reagents, fillers and other powder particles.

PIP8.1 Particle Image Processor is a good auxiliary instrument to other particle size measurement instruments, it is the recommended instrument of theChinadiamond grits standard.


Suits to observe and analyze particle size, shape of abrasives, coating powders, non-ferrous minerals, chemical reagents, fillings, etc. It can provide particle size distributions of different equivalent principles(equivalent area, equivalent shot diameter ) and you can directly observe size distribution range, existence of oversize or small particles, etc.


It uses a digital video camera to capture the particle images enlarged by a microscope, analyze the shape and size of the particles by adopting the digital image processing technology.


1. measuring Range0.5μm-3000μm

2. Repeatability3%D50 of monodisperse particles

Report Items:

particle size distribution table & graph, mean diameter, median diameter, boundary diameter, specific surface area, Ratio between maximum and minimum length, PPC, etc.


1. UsesOlympusmicroscope, with 1.3 mega pixel CMOS sensor and high resolution

2. USB2.0 data port

3. Can save the image of a single particle.

Software Function:

1. Three statistical modes:  based on volume, quantity, area.

2. Two equivalent principles: equivalent area, equivalent shot diameter

3. Two accumulative directionssmall to large, large to small

4. Report items can be set/selected according to customers’ requirements

5. Focus indication window

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