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DP-02 spray particle size analyzer

Update time:2019-03-26

Specially designed for the measurement of fog droplets, the instrument structure can be changed according to the application situation.

Purpose:The particle size distribution of liquid spray was measured.


Working principle:Based on the scattering phenomenon of particles to light, the particle size distribution of measured particles can be calculated according to the distribution of scattering light energy.


Technical index

1. Test range: 1-1500 um (can expand the range according to the actual situation)
2. Repeatability : <3%
3. Test time: 1-2 minutes
4. Number of independent detection units: 48
5. Light source: He-Ne laser, power 2 mW, wavelength 0.6328 um
6. Working environment: temperature: 5-35 C, humidity: <85%


Output item

Particle size distribution table, particle size distribution curve, average particle size, median diameter, specific surface area, etc.


Product characteristics

1. specially designed for particle size measurement of spray, the instrument structure can be changed according to the application conditions.
2. Fourier lenses with different focal lengths can be interchanged to achieve the conversion of different measurement ranges.
3. The light source uses 2mW 0.6328um He-Ne gas laser emitter, which has the advantages of good monochromaticity, high coherence, small divergence angle and strong stability.
4. The patent design of integrated laser transmitter (patent number: 00228952.0) effectively reduces the influence of thermal deformation of laser tube and external mechanical vibration on the stability of the instrument.
5. Parallel light path design, variable measurement interval.
6. Including manual fine-tuning and intelligent automatic alignment function, fast and accurate optical alignment is realized, and the repeatability of measurement is guaranteed.
7. it can be equipped with a universal 82mmUV lens protection device to avoid possible contamination of the main optical components of the instrument, easy to clean and easy to replace.
8. The instrument can be calibrated and validated at any time with the standard sample of circular disc attached randomly.
9. Measuring time and interval can be set to record multiple measurements continuously, and it has the function of statistical comparison and analysis.


software function

1. Two Distribution Models: Rosin-Ramler Distribution and Multi-peak Distribution
2. Two test report modes: general test report and statistical test report
3. Two cumulative distribution directions: from small to large, from large to small
4. 2 Language Testing Reports: Chinese and English
5. Data entry function
6. Test reports can be exported to excel or other text formats
7. Multiple test reports can be opened at the same time, and the data of different test reports can be compared.
8. Test report items can be changed immediately according to industry requirements, such as characteristic particle size, specific particle size and other items, and can be set as a fixed reporting format.

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