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Occidental Instruments Participated in the Tenth Annual Academic Conference of the Chinese Society of Particles and the Seminar on Particle Technology across the Taiwan Strait


"A leaf of sycamore, a report of autumn, a harvest in the rice field." In the 24 solar terms, the beginning of autumn marks the official beginning of the autumn season of Meng. In this harvest season, the 10th Annual Academic Conference of China Granular Society and the Cross-Strait Particle Technology Seminar were solemnly held in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, from August 9 to 12. The annual meeting was co-sponsored by the China Granular Society, the Institute of Metals, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University and Datong University (Taiwan). Nearly 800 enterprises and institutions, scientific research institutes and industry representatives participated in the meeting.


As a well-known laser particle size  analyzer manufacturer with more than 6,000 customers in China and a  wholly owned subsidiary of Malvin Panaco, a leading global laser  particle size analyzer brand, Euro-American Instrument was invited to  participate in the annual conference in depth, and displayed our  high-end Topsizer dry-wet laser particle size analyzer in the exhibitor  area. The measuring range of this instrument is 0.02-2000 micron (wet  method) and 0.1-2000 micron (dry method). It is a high performance laser  particle size analyzer developed by our company after years of  technical accumulation. It has many advantages such as wide range, good  repeatability, high accuracy, real test results and high reliability. It  can measure not only the sample to be dispersed in the liquid, but also  the powder material which can not be dispersed in the liquid and must  be dispersed in the gas. It represents the new height of the domestic  particle size detection and analysis instrument.  


Topsizer Dry-Wet Laser Particle Size Analyser
At this annual meeting, the chairman and vice-chairman of the Seventh  Council of China Granule Association and the Secretary-General were  elected for a new term, and the board members who made outstanding  contributions to the Granule Society were appointed as senior members of  the Society, including Mr. Wu Hanping, Director of Instrument Sales and  Dr. Fu Xiaowei, Director of Product of Euro-Occidental Group. In  addition, Mr. Shen Xingzhi, Sales Application Manager of our company,  was also recruited as a young board member. Learn to increase more  technical reserve talents.


Mr. Wu Hanping, Sales Director, was appointed Senior Director


Dr. Xiaowei Fu, Product Director, was appointed Senior Director


Mr. Shen Xingzhi, Sales Application Manager, was elected Young Director
Except for the general meeting report on the morning of August 10, the  rest of the time reports were conducted in 16 sub-venues. In the first  sub-venue, Dr. Fu Xiaowei, Product Director, made a technical report  entitled "Application of QbD Principle in the Development of Particle  Testing Method", presided over by Mr. Wu Hanping, Sales Director.  On-site and participant delegates had in-depth exchanges on particle  testing and characterization.


Dr. Fu Xiaowei is giving a technical report.
After in-depth exchanges and communication during the annual meeting, the participants at home and abroad felt a strong academic atmosphere and at the same time experienced a warm atmosphere of reunion. The four-day time is fleeting, the meeting is only the carrier, and communication is the theme. It is believed that under the leadership of the new Granular Society, all colleagues of the Granular Society will surely make great achievements in small particles.


Wang Tao

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