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Warmly welcome Malvern Panalytical and his delegation to visit Europe and America


May 22-23, 2018, in this beautiful summer lotus pavilion, mangoes hanging all over the branches, brilliant season, Zhuhai Euramerican Instruments Co., Ltd. ushered in Mr. Paolo Carmassi, President of Malvinpanaco, Mr. Jan van Rijn, Vice President of Legal Affairs, Mr. Steven Horder, Vice President of Advanced Materials Business, Ms. Tanneke Reinders, Vice President of Marketing, Mr. Mr. Pieter de Groot, Vice President of Material Business, Ms. Rowena Innocent, Vice President of R&D, Mr. Gjalt Kuiperes, Director of Products, Mr. Paul Kippax, Mr. Giles Simcock, General Manager of China, Ms. Grace Xu, Asia-Pacific Human Resources Manager, and more than 10 senior leaders are here to work with Euro-American leaders to develop the company's future. Strategies, operations and decision-making, and the holding of all staff meetings in Europe and the United States to encourage progress, awards. Accompanied by the management of Omec, Paolo and other leaders visited the headquarters of Zhuhai Omec Instruments Co., Ltd. at No. 33, Innovation Coastal Science and Technology Third Road, Zhuhai High-tech Zone and took a group photo in the company lobby. The leadership cordially consoled every employee of the administration, finance, R&D, market, sales, after-sales, testing, production and procurement departments of Euro-American Creek Company, and communicated with the employees of all departments in a deeper way. While understanding the responsibilities and performance of each position, the leaders also provided their views and guidance on the corresponding position business and working methods. Encourage, let everybody get inspiration and inspiration. Mr. Wu Hanping, Marketing Director of Euro-American Creek, introduced to the visiting leaders the performance characteristics of multi-type and multi-specification instruments and equipment in the testing room and the value they brought to the customers. Ms. Wang Lizhi, production supervisor of Euro-American Kremlin, introduced the Kanban of Lean Production Management Information Center to the visiting leaders. After visiting Euro-American gram production department, the leaders affirmed Euro-American gram's high-level production quality control ability, and hoped that Euro-American gram will continue to make great efforts to provide the best products to our customers. At 3 p.m. on the 23rd, the Euro-American Creek Staff Meeting was held smoothly. All offices and colleagues on business also participated in the whole meeting process through teleconference. Mr. Paolo, President of the company, introduced the company's overall culture and objectives, and encouraged everyone to make full use of the advantages of integration in the Malvinpanaco family, from helping users to measure powder to helping users to provide overall solutions to continuously improve, in order to better serve customers and promote rapid growth in performance. Mr. Liang Dong, General Manager of China, gave a full speech to all Europak employees, emphasizing that "Zhuhai Europak Instruments Co., Ltd. is a member of Malvinpanaco Company". He encouraged all Europak employees to contribute their talents and abilities as part of the whole Malvinpanaco family and to reap the corresponding rewards. Dr. Fu Xiaowei, the product manager, introduced to all the staff the continuous improvement of products and performance of the company after Europeans and Occidents joined Malvinpanaco, and introduced the company's future product development plan. At the end of the meeting, Ms. Grace, Asia-Pacific Human Resources Manager, presided over the staff questioning session. Employee representatives put forward to the leadership hot issues of concern about the company's development direction, product market positioning, distributor policy, performance management and so on. Mr. Tom, Vice President of Justice, answered questions about Dealer policy and shared his views. For other questions, the relevant leaders gave detailed interactive answers one by one. The whole meeting ended in a cheerful atmosphere for all the employees. This meeting is an extremely important one held eight years after Europeans and Americans joined Sparkie and Malvinpanaco. It has formulated a strategy for the future development of the company, defined the direction and pointed out the way. Relying on the strong technical support of Malverpanaco Group, as a key member of Malverpanaco's global business, Zhuhai Euro-American Instrument Co., Ltd. will continue to forge ahead and continue to provide value-for-money products, services and overall solutions for Chinese and overseas customers.












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