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Topsizer Plus Laser Particle Size Instrument


On March 28, 2019, Zhuhai OMEC Instruments Co., Ltd. . (hereinafter referred to as OMEC) held a grand new product launch and particle testing technology exchange meeting at Beijing Hairun Alihua Hotel. The conference officially released Topsizer Plus, a new laser particle size analyzer launched by OMEC , and also announced that OMEC  will be responsible for ASD spectrometer sales in China. The meeting was presided over by Wu Hanping, Sales Director of OMEC , Andre Balogh, the new head of strategy and brand development of OMEC , Fu Xiaowei, the chief researcher and product technology director of OMEC, Hou Changge, Secretary-General of the National Technical Committee for Particle Characterization and Screening Standardization, and Liang Guangchuan, Director of Energy and Environmental Protection Materials Research Institute of Hebei University of Technology. Try to characterize the participation of relevant experts and users. Andre Balogh delivered a speech to Hou Chang-ge-liang and Guangchuan to unveil Topsizer Plus. In September 2012, Zhuhai Europeans and Occidents officially released Topsizer Laser Particle Sizer. Now, seven years later, Europeans and Occidents once again released a new laser particle sizer upgraded from Topsizer in a very ritual way. Topsizer Plus, the latest member of OMEC Laser Particle Sizer Family, officially appeared in the reciprocal sound of 3, 2 and 1. Fu Xiaowei and Fu Xiaowei introduced the products and functions of Topsizer Plus. Topsizer Plus retained the same main optical structure as the original Topsizer and the unique red-light and blue-light dual-source technology. On the basis of maintaining the continuity of the core optical design, Topsizer Plus has greatly upgraded its optical components and inversion algorithm. Compared with Topsizer, Topsizer has improved its testing range from 0.02-2000 um to 0.01-3600 um. Secondly, on the basis of ensuring the repeatability error less than 0.5%, Topsizer Plus improves its accuracy error from less than 1% to less than 0.6%. The number increased from 96 to 103; 4. Supporting free-falling samplers that can measure large particles; 5. Using a new intelligent software platform to design and provide rich custom report functions. Topsizer Plus Laser Particle Sizer Left: DS-1000 Dynamic Image Appendix; Right: SCF-108 High Performance Wet Sampler Appendix is very important for Laser Particle Sizer. Fu Xiaowei also introduced to the audience five high performance accessory parts provided by Omeico for Topsizer Plus users: SCF-108 High Performance Wet Sampler with Patented Lanterned Centrifugal Pump Circulation Structure, DPF-110 Main Distribution Trunk. Method sampler, SCF-126B micro-circulating sampler for corrosive or precious samples, SCF-105B full-automatic sampler and DS-1000 dynamic imager accessories for measuring particle shape parameters. On the spot, Euro-American technicians also demonstrated the convenient and fast use process of Topsizer Plus, and the ability to sample sub-micron small particles, millimeter-sized large particles, ternary mixed particles and other samples. Shen Xingzhi, Sales and Application Manager of OMEC Keys, also shared the application of Euro-American Keys NS-90 Nanometer Particle Sizer and ASD Near Infrared Spectrometer at the conference of Shen Xingzhi NS-90 Nanometer Particle Sizer. NS-90 is a nanometer particle size analyzer developed by Europa and Occident in 2018. The instrument can measure average particle size and dispersion coefficient by dynamic light scattering method, and absolute molecular weight and second Willi coefficient by static light scattering method. (Click to read more about NS-90.) The ASD LabSpec4 NIR Spectrometer Conference also announced that Euro-Occidental has officially become the sales leader of ASD NIR Spectrometers in the United States. American ASD and Europak belong to the same brand of Malvinpanaco. Its full-band series of near infrared spectrometers are well received in the field of remote sensing. The instrument has broad application prospects in the field of mining and industrial material analysis. ASD has three series of products: portable, handheld and production line. Owing to the large number of industrial users in China, the future development of ASD near infrared spectrometer in the domestic market is worth looking forward to. Huang Junfeng's conference is not only a new product launch, but also a free application training exchange between Europeans and Americans. Huang Junfeng, after-sales service manager of OMEC, made a report entitled "Daily Use and Maintenance of Particle Sizer". He reviewed several common particle size measurement methods, such as screening method, image method, Kurt method, dynamic light scattering, static light scattering and so on. From the point of view of after-sales service, he mainly introduced the methods of using and maintaining laser particle sizer, including particle size measurement process, instrument placement, alignment and debugging, measurement parameters setting, sample processing method, background light distribution, measurement window and so on. In addition, he also shared the methods of particle size measurement for some special samples, such as non-hydrophilic, viscous, ultra-wide distribution, low density and fragility, and the methods of dealing with abnormal data. In the drawing session, the exchange conference between the clients and the relevant officials of OMEC was also interspersed with an exciting drawing session. A total of 10 third prizes, 5 second prizes and 2 first prizes were selected, giving blue and white porcelain, purple clay pots, millet PAD and other exquisite gifts respectively. On the margin of the conference, the experts and users actively visited the products displayed on site by Euro-Occidental, and had a heated academic discussion and exchange with Euro-Occidental technicians. The audiences who took photos and recorded videos on the spot kept on flocking, and all of them expressed their great benefits and returned with full loads. A glimpse of the venue.














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