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Technological innovation is the only way to transform scientific theory into products. Over the past 10 years, Europeans and Americans have created a number of innovative achievements, including:

1. Spherical Receiving Technology of Scattered Light

The spherical arrangement of large angle detector is proposed. The problem of accurate focusing of large angle scattered light is solved by using a fairly simple optical structure.

2. Bidirectional Polarization Compensation Technology

It is proposed to receive scattered light on two vertical scattering surfaces, and to represent the intensity of the scattered light at the same scattering angle by the average value of the scattered light received on both surfaces. This can significantly reduce the fluctuation of scattered light intensity caused by polarization mode competition.

3. Trapezoidal measuring window

In this technology, the traditional parallel plate measuring window glass is replaced by trapezoidal glass, which overcomes the limitation of total reflection and makes the maximum theoretical scattering angle in liquid medium reach 90 degrees.

4. On-line Laser Particle Size Detection Technology

The application of laser particle size measurement technology in the on-line detection of abrasive powder classification has made a qualitative leap in the classification accuracy of abrasive powder.

5. Integrated Laser Launcher

This patent concentrically installs laser emitter, beam expander and pinhole filter in several sections of sleeve. Each sleeve is concentric and continuous. Both ends of sleeve are closed structure. It has the advantages of strong seismic resistance, convenient maintenance and maintenance, stable laser output power, etc. At the same time, the harmful effect of external environment on laser tube is effectively eliminated.

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